We recommend that you service your air conditioner every 12-24 months, depending on your usage.


  • General health and cleanliness of the air you breath
  • Efficient operation of the unit’s cooling and self-evaporation system
  • Remove mold, mildew, and other toxic contaminants

You should call IMMEDIATELY for an appointment when you see and observe the following:

  • Excessive mold and mildew on your filter and coils
  • Your AC smells unusually bad
  • Your AC starts to leak significantly indoors or outdoors in such a way that risks property damage to you or your surroundings

The units are removed from the inside of the home and taken outside to a water source with proper drainage. The electrical components are removed and the unit is washed out thoroughly, disinfected, and cleaned with environmentally safe solutions. The unit is then dried, lubricated, reassembled, and re-installed. Each unit takes approximately one hour to refurbish.

Schedule your appointment by calling our office and leaving a message at (808) 488-1111.

In an effort to service our Affordable Home AC customers better, we now offer convenient Saturday appointments through Chris, our lead installer and service technician, dba “Window AC Cleaning Services” at (808) 798-3242.


$250 for the first unit.

$200 for each additional unit.